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March 2022 You will never know how you've blessed the kids in my special needs class!  Thank you Jane!




April 2020

Goldie is doing great!! You did a fantastic job. She has warmed up to each of us and seems to be very comfortable here.

Al and Rhonda


January 2020

You are absolutely a blessing to us!!!  Thank you so much for Louie!!  He is absolutely WAY more than we could have ever even hoped for, for Shyla!!  Your work with him and dedication to training is Absolutely noticed everywhere we go.  We get regular comments on his demeanor and looks!  Thank you for a great companion.  




November 2014

Hi Jane,

I don't know if you can remember all of the puppies you've bred or sold (we sure do!!) but we just love Cooper!  He was born July 1st 2009.  He's been healthy, obedient, and a great hunter for pheasants.  Thanks for being a responsible breeder . . . everyone comments on how well he listens.  He is also so affectionate, we love it!  

Thanks again,

Susan and Doug



Today Violet started her first class at the Service Academy.  I was a bit nervous.  She has been great at home but what would she be like in that setting and how would she measure up to dog who had been going to class for 4 months?   She nailed it!!  In fact, she's ahead of  the game having passed her Canine Good Citizenship Certification.  I just really wanted to thank you for all you have done for our family!  You gave us an amazing start to our long journey and don't believe we couldn't have done it without you!!





Bode is doing great.  He has settled in and loves playing with the neighbor's dog.  Lots of walks as he is very energetic, especially in the morning.  We love him and he is very attached to me.  We are so impressed with his training.  Usually does his retrieving perfect!  He does so good!  Thanks for a great dog!


(This family elected to have force retrieve and basic hunting skills introduced while pup was in training.)

Mike and Nancy



Hi Jane,

Stella is doing great and we are having a blast with her.  We are extremely happy and could not have asked for a better experience. She is up to 46 lbs now.  Here are a couple of her most recent pictures. 




Tucker is doing good.  He likes to run in the yard and swim n the lake.  He is a real lover and loves to be with us.  Overall he is a really good dog and we love him dearly!  Thanks for raising such a sweet creature!!




Hi Jane!

I just thought I would write you a quick note to say thank you for the great job you did with my little guy Kinnick.  He is my absolute best friend in the world and he is honestly the best dog ever.  Everybody who meets him cannot believe that he is a pup yet because is he so well behaved and sweet.  I was a little worried the first month or two when he came home because he was a little timid and wouldn’t play like a normal lab puppy, but be careful what you ask for because he has definitely come out of his shell!  If I could know for sure another one would turn out this good, I get one in a heartbeat…my friends tell my though that I hit the lotto with Kinnick and I shouldn’t push my luck!  Anyway, I thank you for the great job you do and for Kinnick coming into my life.  He’s now about 90lbs, a great swimmer & Frisbee player, and loves the snow. 



Kirk & Kinnick



The pup is amazing!  It has been the greatest experience.  We love him!  He comes up north with us and he is so well tempered.  Every where we go people comment on how good he is.  He has been swimming like a beaver in our lake up north.  I am excited for duck season!  He also does really, really well on boat rides.  This was something our old lab could not handle.  Our old lab, bless her, would pace constantly in the boat.  This was not only annoying, but it was not safe as well.  Tanner just jumps in and lays down.  He went to sleep within 10 minutes on our last boat ride.  Unbelievable!  Thank you!


Tanner and family



I had a jewelry party for a friend last night, 20 people and 5 kids. Zoe didn't eat anything she wasn't supposed to, obeyed commands well, and was nice to all. I have told everyone about Zoe and her training and how happy we are with your program. Will talk and send pictures soon. 




March 23, 2012

Hi Jane, 

I wanted to update you on Rosie.  We love her!!!! She is so smart and willing. We have assigned her to a 10 year old girl in Ohio.  Rosie has exceleld in our scent program and was placed with our voluteer diabetic for real time training. So far she has not missed a single low. Her obedience and place work is wonderful.  I cannot say enough thank you to you and your family for the wonderful work you all did with her. Rosie is going to change this little girl's life.  Please keep me posted on new litters.  I woudl be trhilled to get another pup from your family!!


Crystal M. Crockroft

Canine Hope for Diabetics

Dear Jane,


I am not sure if you remember us, but we purchased Samson from you (it will be 2 years in February). My reason for writing you is to thank you for being a responsible breeder. As I have told you, I run a rescue and I have to deal with bad breeders everyday and it is exhausting. I caught a lot of heat from many other rescuers for buying Sam from you, because I was expected to adopt, but these people did not experience the pain we went through due to purchasing a Labrador from a bad breeder. 


When we bought Storm we had no clue, he was a cute puppy and only $300. Storm was my heart, my 4th child, when he was 2 we had his hips checked and they were already awful. At 3 years Storm was not physically able to hunt anymore and that's when the pain meds started. At 6 he had a torn ACL, at 7 he died from bone cancer. The man who sold him to us, sold us a heart break and didn't care. In 7 years Storm cost us approx. $4000 and I would have paid more to save him, but there was nothing money could do for him. 


When we met with you for the first time I was so relieved to see that there are still people out there who care for the breed and want to breed healthy Labradors who will hunt and are wonderful pets at the same time. Sam is beautiful, smart, a great hunter and a little Although nobody can fill the void I have from losing Storm, Sam is doing a pretty good job of dulling the pain. He was worth every penny of the $$ and we hope that when we are ready to add another Labrador to our family you will be so kind and consider us for another one of your puppies. We love Sam and I think he loves us too, at least is says so in his eyes.


I have attached some pictures of Sam and his adopted "siblings" (Junior the America Bulldog and Moxi the Shih-Tzu-Jack Russel mix). Keep up the great work you do with these animals and your wonderful family.



Eveline Hecklinger

Rebound Rescue


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