Ganderwood's Ultimate Companions come from our own generations of carefully bred pedigrees and trained for families and organizations who need a puppy trained to an advanced level.  Several are used for therapy in schools or for service work for physical support.

The Ultimate Companion is designed for physically challenged people. Pups are taught to retrieve, to walk politely next to a wheelchair, to brace for those who need physical support, to ignore those using assistive devices such as walkers and are extensively socialized. Some families enlist advanced service dog trainers to come into the home to individualize training once pup is home.  The advantage is a solid foundation is laid since pup is very young.  This is generally very cost effective for families and organizations. These puppies go home at 9-10 months old with an AKC Canine Good Citizenship test and AKC Advanced Canine Good Citizenship test pass. Contact us for pricing.