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Yellow and black puppies born March 2024. Training will be completed and ready for new homes August/September 2024, God willing. Puppies come from generations of health tested parents. 


Puppy will know about 15 commands for the truly versatile companion.  Puppies are trained and thoroughly socialized until they are ready to come home for all the enjoyment and affection without all of the work.  Puppies earn the AKC Canine Good Citizenship certificate with us. 

Requirements for the AKC Canine Good Citizenship 

This includes sitting for petting and brushing, heeling past another dog without pulling, heeling at left, stop and sit, sit/stay and recall to handler, down/stay, walk through a crowd without pulling, sniffing people or jumping up.  Stop and sit when handler stops to talk to a passerby, maintain composure when their is a loud noise and when handler goes out of sight.


A Versatile Companion pup will also learn the following commands:


  • "Wait" until told 'free' -Controlled exit from crate and doorways

  • "Stay" - long sit and long down up to an hour (great for family meal times, picnic in the park, or at a child's soccer game)

  • "Sit" - pup gets into sitting position

  • "Down" - pup lies down

  • "Stand" - veterinarians appreciate a dog which will stand for an examination

  • "Free" - free to run and play and to disregard previous command

  • "Off"- no jumping up  

  • "Leave It" -do not touch or sniff, can be used when passing another dog or for anything the dog should not touch or sniff

  • "Stomp Feet" (for automatic sit) - sits at left side when heeling

  • "Heel "- walks at left side, on AND off leash

  • "Here" - recalls to handler from a distance of 20-30 feet

  • "Front" - comes front center, nice for when pup is returning with a ball, or just to have pup's attention

  • "Here" to whistle - recalls to handler with whistle

  • "Close" - stays close to handler when on a free walk while dragging a light weight leash

  • "Easy" - walk on leash without tugging but not heeling

  • "Kennel" - goes into kennel/crate

  • "Kennel" - gets into canoe, kayak, or boat                                                                         

  • "Kennel" - gets into vehicle

  • "Kennel" - goes through a tunnel

  • "Place" - Pup lies and or sits always touching a towel wherever it is placed  and stays there. This is great for traveling or visiting.  Can be used in a hotel room, in a tent, at grandma's house, etc.

  • "No" or "Leave it" - House manners with command of "No" or "leave it" - no counter surfing or getting into the garbage, no chewing on shoes, no jumping on furniture. ( please note a 6 month old pup still should not be left to roam house without supervision.

  • "Paws Up" put paws on lap or on child's abdomen for general affection, useful for soothing autistic children.

  • "Quiet" quit barking, for example after alerting to someone at the door.

  • "Out" started on using a bell at the door

  • Knows how to use doggy door

  • Carries a hiking pack which can also be used with a seatbelt as a harness for riding in the car.

  • "Shake" to interact, especially fun for children.


Versatile Companions are enjoyable wherever life takes you.

We are one of a very few training facilities in the US which breeds the puppies which we train.  We know the pedigrees, health, and temperament and hence can provide a health guarantee.

Ganderwood's professionally bred puppies are trained as Versatile Companions.  While taking a young puppy home and training it yourself is ideal in a perfect world, we all know the work of training.  For busy families, professionals, parents with young children, retirees, PTSD Veterans and families with special needs and facilities, a pre trained puppy is a wonderful option!  In addition to carefully planned breeding from generations of our carefully bred pedigrees, we initiate house breaking, socialize both at our home and kennel and 5 hours out in public, do all necessary veterinary care including all vaccinations needed for the first year, and train your puppy about 15 commands in the Versatile Companion program.  Puppies are well socialized by the time they come to your home.

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