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 Yellow and black puppies available for reservation with go home late November/early December 2022.

Contact jane@heikoop.net for more details.

Ganderwood's professionally bred puppies are trained as Versatile Companions.  While taking a young puppy home and training it yourself is ideal in a perfect world, we all know the work of training.  For busy families, professionals, parents with young children, retirees, PTSD Veterans and families with special needs and facilities, a pre trained puppy is a wonderful option!  In addition to carefully planned breeding from generations of our carefully bred pedigrees, we initiate house breaking, socialize both at our home and kennel and out in public, do all necessary veterinary care, and train your puppy about 15 commands in the Versatile Companion program.  Puppies are well socialize having met at least 100 people by the time they come to your home.


Puppy is tested with a certified AKC Canine Good Citizenship evaluator upon training completion. Puppy will know about 15 commands for the truly versatile companion.  Puppies are trained and thoroughly socialized until they are ready to come home for all the enjoyment and affection without all of the work. Our puppies

Ganderwood has been in business since 2004 experiencing success with puppies bonding readily and easily to new families are doing great with public interaction- puppy has spent so much time training and socializing with friends, family, going out to stores and to a nursing home, that they are very people oriented by the time they come home to you!  Our puppies come from generations of highly trainable, health tested parents.  

(See our Board and Train Page for information on training your existing puppy.)