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  Ganderwood Kennels

   Trained Family Companion Dogs and Puppies. Dog Training near Grand Rapids, Michigan.

   Puppies are on the way, due around New Year's Day 2015, see 'puppies' for more details!

Welcome to Ganderwood Kennels where we breed English Labrador Retrievers and provide Dog Training and Boarding. Our English Labrador Retriever puppies are trained to be the perfect take everywhere family companion.  Puppies are taught over 30 commands and have passed the AKC Canine Good Citizenship test prior to coming home with you.  New families receive two hours of training upon puppy pick up.  Puppies are welcome for a free week back at Ganderwood for brush up training, if ever needed.  Ganderwood will also spend an additional two hours with new families to assist with handling if desired.  We are available to answer questions for the life of the dog.   Our puppies come from generations of  AKC champion and obedience competitors with pedigrees where every ancestor is health tested for OFA hips, elbows, eye clearances, cleared for PRA (old age blindness), and EIC (exercise induced collapse).  Puppies are placed with a 26 month hip and eye guarantee.   We have specialized in training, showing, obedience competitions, and breeding dogs for over 10 years.  

 Ganderwood welcomes puppies and dogs from most breeds and breeders into our training programs.  

Our training is sometimes used as a start for Assistance Dog training.  Ganderwood gets families off to a good start with training many of the initial commands needed for future assistance dog work, although we technically are not service dog trainers. Puppies finish our program at about 6 months old. When puppy is old enough (usually 1 year old) families then enroll in a program which helps them finish training their own assistance dog or send their dog to a certified assistance dog trainer.  Because donation supported assistance dog programs have a 3-5 year waiting list, and other programs require at least $14,000 of family support added to their donations, our program saves many families a lot of waiting time and expense.  Please be aware that while our Ganderwood bred puppies have perfect temperaments for assistance work, we have trained dogs from other breeds and breeders where a few of those dogs had temperaments not ideal for the family's future plans and applications.  We can train almost any dog but cannot change basic temperament.  See  www.volhard.com/pages/pat.php  for tips on temperament testing puppies not bred by Ganderwood.




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