Ganderwood's Versatile Companions:

Trained and ready to accompany families wherever life takes them.

Pups go home at about 5- 6 months old with AKC Canine Good Citizenship evaluation.

In addition to AKC Canine Good Citizenship  


A Versatile Companion pup will also learn the following commands:


  • "Wait" until told 'free' -Controlled exit from crate and doorways

  • "Stay" - long sit and long down up to an hour (great for family meal times, picnic in the park, or at a child's soccer game)

  • "Sit" - pup gets into sitting position

  • "Down" - pup lies down

  • "Stand" - veterinarians appreciate a dog which will stand for an examination

  • "Free" - free to run and play and to disregard previous command

  • "Off"- no jumping up  

  • "Leave It" -do not touch or sniff, can be used when passing another dog or for anything the dog should not touch or sniff

  • "Stomp Feet" (for automatic sit) - sits at left side when heeling

  • "Heel "- walks at left side, on AND off leash

  • "Here" - recalls to handler from a distance of 20-30 feet

  • "Front" - comes front center, nice for when pup is returning with a ball, or just to have pup's attention

  • "Here" to whistle - recalls to handler with whistle

  • "Close" - stays close to handler when on a free walk (either with dragging a leash or with careful, moderate e-collar use)

  • "Easy" - walk on leash without tugging but not heeling

  • "Kennel" - goes into kennel/crate

  • "Kennel" - gets into canoe, kayak, or boat                                                                         

  • "Kennel" - gets into vehicle

  • "Kennel" - goes through a tunnel

  • "Place" - Pup lies and or sits always touching a towel wherever it is placed  and stays there. This is great for traveling or visiting.  Can be used in a hotel room, in a tent, at grandma's house, etc.

  • "No" or "Leave it" - House manners with command of "No" or "leave it" - no counter surfing or getting into the garbage, no chewing on shoes, no jumping on furniture. ( please note a 6 month old pup still should not be left to roam house without supervision.

  • "Paws Up" put paws on lap or on child's abdomen for general affection, useful for soothing autistic children.


Versatile Companions are enjoyable wherever life takes you.